Our Services

See what Conroe Massage & Fitness has to offer! Browse our pre-designed and customized massage therapy sessions, spa packages, and more. Need more information? View our competitive prices or contact us today!

Sports Massage

Are you an athlete? We consider an athlete anyone who participates in professional sports on a regular basis and those who just enjoy a weekend jog or daily gym workout. Either way, we can help you treat sore and overworked muscles that become strained from repetitive and sometimes strenuous movements. By using stretching and massage, we can lessen your muscle pain and get you back to doing the activities you love!

Medical Massage & Rehab

At Conroe Massage and Fitness, we strive to not only make you feel better through massage treatments but also to promote and healthy and pain-free lifestyle. If you’re in pain due to a medical condition, we have the expertise to help ease your hurt muscles.

Relaxation Massage

Don’t let stress get in the way of how your body feels every day–our relaxing massages can help! Therapeutic massage can lessen depression and anxiety, relieve migraine pain, and promote tissue regeneration, which results in the reduction of scar tissue and stretch marks.

Spa Treatments 

Need an all-in-one solution for your stress? Try one of our spa treatments that combine a therapeutic massage with facials, scrubs, aromatherapy and more! These packages allow you to get multiple treatments at the same time. No need to make several appointments–get your pain points addressed all at once.